RCG and Beryl’s World partner with kNutek International

Joint Venture to Market kNutek Health and Beauty products. Jenkintown, PA – October 15, The Roomberg Consulting Group (RCG), Beryl’s World, and kNutek International, have formed a Joint Venture to market kNutek’s line of premium health and beauty products.

kNutek’s products are sold at more than 3,000 salons, on the web, and through a small army of company representatives. The products include the latest formulations of natural substances and include external skin products (such as a natural facial cleanser, an alcohol-free skin toner, and gentle skin peel), and internal skin nutrients (such as Colostrum and MSM in combination with other nutrients).

One of kNutek’s approaches is to partner with salons to build long-term customer relations, volume, and revenue. For example, once a customer has purchased a kNutek product through a partner salon, that salon is credited with future sales by that customer even if the customer orders directly from kNutek via web site or catalog. According to kNutek president Jim Knut Larsson, “Our program provides salons with revenue from clients between visits, and also from clients who no longer visit that salon at all. Just as we provide outstanding products of the highest quality, we pursue long term relationships by adhering to the highest ethical standards.” Explaining the breadth of the product line, Larsson continued, “Our combination of products treat the skin from both the surface of the skin, and simultaneously from the inside of the body. The range of products matches the range of needs of our customers. As an example, as shown on our web site /, we have comprehensive treatments that are a breakthrough in the treatment of Rosacea.

With regard to the natural food supplements we offer, many researchers are increasingly convinced that they contain elements helpful in treating a wide array of physical conditions ranging from adult acne to acid reflux and digest disorders, and from mercury and “heavy metal(s)” poisoning to multiple arthritic conditions. And we are excited that our product line is being evaluated for the Family Guide Seal of Approval.

We invite the general public to review our web site and order free promotional samples at no cost or obligation.”

About the organization noted in this release: kNutek International is located at 2713 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, California. Their corporate office is at 510.549.9071. Their web site is www.knutek.com.

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