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OXYGEN PLASMA is a fabulously complex carbon molecule which “mimics” the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into cells.

Oxygen Plasma is a completely natural and organic substance developed during the 1980s for military purposes by some of the most brilliant scientists in the world. The research has been declassified and this substance is now being used in medical applications.

We are extremely proud and excited to introduce this incredible substance to you in a line of PRODUCTS WHICH WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE SKIN CARE INDUSTRY!

OXYGEN PLASMA is chemically inactive and therefore does not cause any irritation or anaphylaxis.

Used in skin care products, OXYGEN PLASMA transports huge volumes of oxygen to tissues, activating tissue-breathing processes, and allowing for more effective penetration of other active compounds.

Skin care products containing sub micro-emulsified “OXYGEN PLASMA” are hypoallergenic and feature biostimulating and regenerative actions.

“OXYGEN PLASMA” has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory actions and accelerates healing processes.

Extensive laboratory analysis and research has shown that OXYGEN PLASMA has the following properties:

1. Rejuvenating effect
“OXYGEN PLASMA” has a pronounced influence on the activity of skin cells and on the production of the main, functionally important albumin’s of collagen, elastin and keratin, as well as their age dependent content and speed of regeneration.

The action of “OXYGEN PLASMA” increases the content of collagen and elastin in derma and, reduces the synthesis speed and, hence, the content of keratin in epidermis.

2. Stimulates the metabolism of keratinocytes (skin cells).

The long-term action (30 days) of “OXYGEN PLASMA” on the skin has shown a pronounced stimulation of the metabolism of keratinocytes. It is manifested in the activation of the nuclei of these cells with appearance of active nucleoli inside while the ultra-structure of skin cells has not changed.

3. Transports bioactive substances to skin cells.

“OXYGEN PLASMA” facilitates penetration of biologically active substances (vitamins, extracts, etc.) into the skin and increases their effectiveness.

For example, the injection of “OXYGEN PLASMA” in conjunction with FINALGON (vascular expanding product used for the treatment of strains and pains in joints) increases the penetration of FINALGON into the skin tissues and strengthens the effectiveness of the preparation.

4. Enhanced sun protection.

“OXYGEN PLASMA” not only increases the effectiveness of UVA-filters while raising the sun protection factor but it also ensures the decrease of skin surface temperature by 1.5-2.0 Celsius, thereby eliminating irritation and helping protect the skin from sun burn.

5. Wound healing.
“OXYGEN PLASMA” accelerates wound healing due to its ability to provide “aeration” to skin cells which accelerates the healing process. Studies of “OXYGEN PLASMA” as an antipyretic preparation has shown its effectiveness, particularly in conditions of oxygen aeration.

The application of “OXYGEN PLASMA” for burn treatment of third “B” degree (the highest degree) in conditions of an active oxygen aeration during the 3 days before necrotomy and during 3 days after necrotomy leads to the following:

Physiological reparation of burned tissues in the first stage (before necrotomy) and the acceleration of burn wound healing in the next stage.

In summary, the analysis of experimental results from the applications of “OXYGEN PLASMA” indicates a variety of mechanisms of its biological action on skin cells as follows:

  • Activates tissue breathing processes and the “aeration” of skin cells.
  • It interacts with other substances due to its corpuscular structure with particles of only 100 nanometer diameter.
  • It is able to dissolve in a lipophilic region of biological membranes that ensure an “anesthetic-like” action on cellular membranes protecting them against unfavorable influences.
  • It stimulates the metabolism of keratinocytes (skin cells).
  • It has wound healing and counter burn actions.
  • It facilitates the penetration of any biologically active substances (for example, vitamins, MSM, amino acids, etc.) into the skin and increases their effectiveness.
  • Accelerates regeneration of skin cells.
  • Heals micro-fractures and micro-fissures in the skin.

The histological expertise of skin biopsies after using “OXYGEN PLASMA” has found biological activity of the preparations manifested in fibrohistiocytic reactions of the subepidermic sections and in the increase of mitotic activity in the basal layer of the derma.
You will find “OXYGEN PLASMA” as an active ingredient in the following products from kNutek: MSM-O2 Serum, 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma

30 Day Free Trial! Plus A Free Skin Analysis Today!