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Bath Salt

Bath Salt with MSM “The Fountain of Youth”

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Product Description

The Ultimate Therapeutic Bath Salt

Experience the “sulfur springs” used for thousands of years for it’s healing and fountain of youth properties. Now made far superior with 21’st century scientific knowledge. Discover how soft and silky your skin will be just after one bath and feel how aches and pains just melt away. People have reported to respond positively in medical surveys to MSM (Organic Sulfur) orally and topologically to the following conditions: Allergies from pollen and foods, sensitivity to drugs, control of constipation, lung function, asthma, emphysema, antiparasitic action, anti-inflammatory, relieves itchy and flaky skin, reduction in scar tissue, arthritis and TMJ, diabetes, fatigue, yeast infection, clearer vision, acne and acne rosacea, detoxification, stomach acidity and heartburn, muscle soreness and cramps, depression, increased energy and wellbeing, increased flexibility and the reduction of skin disorders – in pets.

Directions: 2—4 table spoons per regular size bath twice per week.


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