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`Oxygen Cream

Whipped Oxygen Cream to Heal and Nourish

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Product Description

Whipped Oxygen Cream

kNutek’s new Whipped Oxygen Cream has been called The Best Cream In The World by salon professionals.

Active Ingredients…

  • Jojoba Oil- Treatment for crows feet, wrinkles, stretch marks and aging skin.
  • Squalene- High in vitamin A & D, healing agent, also used to treat burn victims.
  • Licorice Extract- Balances the pigmentation in the skin for more even skin tone.
  • Clover Honey- Skin tightener, moisturizer, full of micro nutrients and B vitamins
  • DL Panthenol- Concentrated Vitamin B5, proven to help reduce dark circles under the eyes.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate- Most powerful humectant found in nature
  • Vitamin E Acetate- Antioxidant, helps form red blood cells, muscle and skin tissue. Prevents tissue breakdown. Protects heart & blood vessels and retards aging.
  • Lavender Essential Oil- Proven effective for many abnormal skin conditions such as psoriasis, also used for burn treatment.
  • Grape Seed Oil- One of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. Neutralizes free radicals.
  • MSM- Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial healing agent, forms the flexible link between cells. Helps to restore soluble collagen. A miracle nutrient.
  • Oxygen Plasma – Powerful anti-irritant. Speeds up metabolism, triggers formation of collagen & elastin. Kills anaerobic bacteria causing acne and rosacea naturally.

Directions: Use once a day in the morning during the “Healing and Nourishing” phase of “Dermacycling”!

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1 oz (30 ml), 16 oz (480 ml), 2 oz (60 ml), 4 oz (120 ml)


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