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knutek colostrum capsules

Colostrum Capsules

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500 mg. capsules, 60 count per bottle.

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Product Description

Colostrum Capsules

500 mg. capsules, 60 count

kNuteks Colostrum is the only Colostrum in the world certified as ORGANIC COLOSTRUM and guaranteed to contain no pesticides, antibiotics, drugs or hormones.

Medical science has shown in hundreds of published reports worldwide that human immune and growth factors can be replaced in the body with BOVINE COLOSTRUM which is ten (10) times richer in immune factors than human Colostrum!

Colostrum contains the growth factors designed by nature to induce healing, regeneration and the balanced growth of all body tissues. Medical studies show Colostrum contains powerful immune factors (immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, etc.) that help fight viruses, bacteria, fungus, allergies and toxins.

There have been no reported or known negative reactions, side effects or allergies with bovine Colostrum.

kNutek’s Colostrum is certified to contain 25% or more of the antibodies. This is five (5) times higher than other sources.

kNuteks Colostrum is the only in the world produced through a “cold” process. (Heat in the processing of Colostrum will destroy many of the beneficial substances!) This ensures that no beneficial components are removed from the Colostrum in processing.

“USDA Certified Bovine Source” does not guarantee that the Colostrum you are now using is of high quality. If you have not had the results you expected you should try kNutek’s Colostrum!


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